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Burdock Root Oil



Burdock Root Oil    60 ml
Active Ingredient: Burdock Root

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Although no human data exist, in animals and in vitro studies, burdock has been shown to be an antibacterial, anticancer, antioxidant, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and liver protectant.

In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), burdock root is used in combination with other herbs to treat skin redness, ulcers, sore throats, tonsillitis, colds, and measles. It is also used as a diuretic and blood purifier. Externally it is used for dry skin like psoriasis and seborrhea of the scalp.

Arthritis, gout, and sciatica. Consistent use of the tea (made from the root or seeds) may ease arthritis, gout, and sciatica by reducing the swelling around joints.

Boils, dandruff, and eczema. Herbal practitioners in Japan and Europe have long used burdock root and seeds in treatments for chronic skin diseases, especially eczema. European herbalists use burdock root, which seems to work by preventing the body’s own immune system from attacking the skin. Burdock root oil extract (Bur oil) has traditionally been popular in Europe as a scalp treatment applied to improve hair strength, shine, and body, and to combat hair loss. It has been used to ease dandruff and scalp itching.

Cancer. Cancer researchers have discovered a substance in burdock root capable of reducing cell mutation, in either the absence or the presence of metabolic activation. Japanese researchers named this new property the B-factor. Burdock has gained fame as one of the four potent herbs in Essiac tea, an important alternative cancer remedy. Laboratory studies with animals suggest that the dietary fiber arctiin, found in burdock seed, may slow or stop the growth of breast cancer in the early stages, in which the number of cancer cells increases rapidly. This fiber may have similar benefits against leukemia, and colon and pancreatic cancers.

Liver diseases. In animal studies, burdock has been shown to heal a damaged liver and protect it from further damage. It worked as well as silymarin in maintaining healthy liver blood tests and liver tissue. There are no human data available.

Recommended Uses
Look for burdock-seed cereals, available as gobo or goboshi, in Japanese groceries, and for burdock oil and tincture in health food stores. Burdock root is sometimes labeled as “cut and sifted burdock root” or by its Latin name, Arctium lappa. Burdock is also available as a tea.

Traditional herbalists recommend a tea made from 2.5 grams of burdock in 150 milliliters (6 ounces) of hot water and taken twice a day, or 460 to 475 milligrams per day in capsule form. The use of burdock root at these dosage levels is generally safe. However, large quantities of burdock root may stimulate the uterus. This herb should therefore be used with caution during pregnancy, especially during the first trimester. It can safely be combined with other pharmaceutical drugs other than alcohol extract of disulfiram or metronidazole, due to their alcohol content. Burdock may cause a rash on the skin if it comes in contact with the herb.

Botanical Name: Arctium lappa
English: Common or Great Burdock.
Also, known as: Phaggarmuul, Lappa, Lappa Minor, Thomy Burr, Beggar’s Buttons, Clothburr, Fox’s Clote, Cockle Buttons, Love Leaves, Philanthropium, Per sonata, Happy Major, Clot-Bur, Bardana, Bardana-minor, Bardanae Radix, Bardane, Bardane Comestible, Bardane Géante, Bardane Majeure, Beggar’s Buttons, Burr Seed, Clotbur, Cocklebur, Cockle Buttons, Fox’s Clote, Gobo, Glouteron, Grande Bardane, Great Bur, Hardock, Harebur, Herbe aux Teigneux, Herbe du Teigneux, Lappa, Niu Bang Zi, Orelha-de-gigante, Personata,
Habitat: Native to Europe and Asia and has now spread worldwide in temperate zones.
Origin: Ukraine / Bulgaria
Harvested: Wild
Parts Used: Root

General Information:
Arctium lappa found in North America, from Asia and Europe, herbaceous plant that grows as tall as from 2-5 ft.; can be found along roadsides and in all vacant lots. Burdock is the common name of the genus of a flowering perennial, Arctium. This plant can be recognized by small burrs that tend to get stuck on the clothes while walking in a forest. These hooking burrs from the burdock plant, as well as its leaves and stems, have a high medicinal value. The root of the burdock is known to possess strong medicinal properties, which help in the management of several disorders.

The whole plant is a dull, pale green, handsome, with large, wavy leaves and round heads of purple flowers. The stems are stout with about 3 to 4 feet and branched, rising from a biennial root, wide-spreading branches carrying alternately elongated heart-shaped leaves.

The lower leaves are very large, on long, solid foot-stalks, furrowed above, frequently more than a foot long, heart shaped and of a grey color on their under surfaces from the mass of fine down with which they are covered. The upper leaves are much smaller, more egg-shaped in form and not so densely clothed beneath with the grey down.

The root, which should be dug in the autumn or early spring, is thick, brownish-grey externally, with white pith-like tissue inside. The root and seeds have a sweetish, slimy taste, the leaves and stems being bitter.

The purple flowers bloom in July and August, after which they dry out and the base becomes the troublesome burr. The flowers resemble thistle flowers and come out of the top of the burrs, which attach themselves easily onto any passerby.

How to use:
Hot Infusion:
The basic method for dried herbs and flower is, take 2-3 tablespoons of dried herb in a cup or teapot. Pour hot water over it and cover it with lid for 10-30 minutes. Hot water is needed to draw out the antioxidants, enzymes, vitamins, flavonoids and volatile oils from the botanicals. Strain and squeeze out as much as liquid as possible and enjoy!

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